Titanic: A Tragedy Of Uncertainty – A Marxist Approach

In a world full of moving pictures, an industry had gain its continual popularity as this media-centered generation continued to patronizes these so-called films. Along the wide array of movie selections, there is this remarkable film under the direction of James Cameron, which captured not only the eyes of the people but also their hearts along the year 1997. This movie was entitled “Titanic” which was adapted from a real life ship called Titanic and coined as “the unsinkable ship”,but in opposition to this distinction, the ship unfortunately sank due to a chaotic circumstance which made the whole story historical. In accordance to this, the whole aesthetic of the movie was a complete package in a minimal way as possible. Specifically speaking, even though the whole setting just only circumnavigated within the ship itself, there are lots of happenings within it. And to initiate this review, the urge of interconnecting the film’s body to societal issues will be the glimpse to an eye-opening phenomenon which will bring answers to the long time conundrums of many people regarding this film. Probably, this movie was not new to the majority of people, however, as this movie had left an unforgettable trace to our lives, there is a need for me to excavate my personal insights. Through this, it can contribute to the vast majority of the next generations, who by then will learn that Titanic is not only a movie, especially that it inhibits peculiarity of appeal as it does not only tells a story, but also leaves a message, a life-changing message.

Initially, the movie started within a screenplay of an expedition to the shipwrecked Titanic. Along the journey, there is this man named Brock Lovett, a treasure hunter, who initiated the aim of hunting a rare diamond called the “Heart of the Ocean” together with his fellow researchers for the desire of making the diamond into a large amount of money. As time passed by, their emotions were uplifted by joy and excitement as they saw a safe, which in assumption, believed that the diamond resides there. After they had recovered the safe, their lip curls were turned into pure disappointments as no diamond were seen. However, there is this drawn image of a woman who wore the said diamond which somehow authenticate the existence of the diamond itself. Through this, they had regained their high hopes of seeing the diamond sooner or later. Through this, the whole team had led their searching to a woman named Rose Dawson Calvert. Within a perspective of a 17-year old Rose, she began her story telling by describing the luxurious appeal of the Titanic and quoted that the ship suits its description as the “Ship of Dreams”. In this case, Rose was a 1st class passenger but in spite of this privilege, she felt chained under the control of her mother, Ruth DeWitt Bukater, which made her be engaged to man named Cal Hockley. An engagement with less love but more of a modification to the family’s financial problems and for the retention of their statutory rights as high-class individuals. Through this, despite of her glamour stability in voyage, she felt uncomfortable and uneasy which gives her uncertain thoughts of just jumping from the edge of the deck. It’s like her dilemma was pushing herself to jump off a precipice of hopelessness. As soon as she stepped on the edge of the ship’s area, a man named Jack Dawson saw her which had insisted her to not continue her plan of jumping. Jack Dawson was a 3rd-class passenger who just had an opportunity of riding the Titanic for the fact he had won a bet through gambling. This scene of Jack and Rose together was the start of the real deal. They had spent many memories together and created an intimacy of friendship a midst of their differences of social classes as they were hindered by many people because of this factual information. Truly, the glimpse of social criticism took place. In spite of these obstacles and hindrances, they had still maintained their friendship all throughout the whole voyage until it was completely developed as love.

As the ship was subdivided into three parts, it also contains categorized sectors, in which 1st class persons had the privilege to stay within the luxury part of the ship while 3rd class individuals resides in a not so elegant area. And with that partition, the scenario where Rose dances in a not so elegant area, integrates the perception of Rose and Jack having a good and effective form of camaraderie. Through this, Rose started to remove into her mind the stranger aspect of Jack as she spent more time with him. However, Rose was caught dancing in a 3rd class area, and from that day on, she was prohibited to be with Jack again. Many more social discrimination happens throughout the story. And when the time Titanic was about to sink, social inferiority was given to low-classes of individuals as they were temporarily isolated and locked down through the means of not letting them enter the higher portion of the ship for survival. Through this, the embodiment of social discrimination was under full visibility- a clear evidence relevant to a Marxist approach. The discretion of poor from aristocratic was the real tragic here. Apart from the fatal casualty of the ship’s wreckage, the dismaying scenario of societal isolation is what makes the love story Rose and Jack full of obscurities and also to all the passengers. Titanic was a depiction of what our society was facing right now. The unfair perspectives between poor and aristocrats was still rampant every where. Just like in titanic, the boat represents our society, once we were bumped into the sole of discrimination, our whole world will experience its greatest downfall under the shallow of the dark unknown.

In totality, I would classify this movie beyond perfection. Apparently, the Titanic itself contains a lot of questions which makes any individual occupied with bombardments. However, the fundamentals located within the movie really employs an innovative way of realizing something. It does not only pertains to a romantic and tragic theme, thus it also instills societal awareness which preserves value and understanding between paupers and opulent individuals. Titanic was an eye-opener that whether you are penniless or deep-pocketed, the treatment should have been the same regardless of your state of being. And to end my review, I must say that Titanic was not the best among the rest, but because of its complexity, the whole ideology of Titanic became the most successful and renowned movie of all.