Powerful Methods to Develop Into a Successful Trader

In case you’ve got a passion for cooking, then you’re going to be excited to experiment with various dishes. Because of this, you might consult with online and offline movies or YouTube cooking stations. While cooking those foods, if something goes wrong, then you may note down it and attempt with various mixes or add in a few of your particular ingredients the next moment. After a couple of attempts, you’ll have the ability to have to make the dish taste suitable for you. This scenario also applies to commerce from stock markets.

You might read things about trading online internet or novels or even look in an online tutorial/course. However, if you don’t do an extensive study about trading and experiment, the same that you may not comprehend the significance of active trading. If you’re an aspiring trader, below are a few methods which it is possible to think about for effective trading.

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Like any other area, to turn into a successful trader, you ought to keep on researching the rules, trading methods, rules, etc.. Additionally, attempt to learn from the errors and possess self-control and be self-indulgent. You ought to be a student to get a successful trader.

Plan your trade and exchange that strategy:

To browse the stormy weather from the marketplace, you need to think about following established principles or strategies. This might allow you to endure and flourish from the stock exchange. Execute a strategy only after ultimately planning your every step of every transaction, as with no suitable strategy. You may wind up getting nothing. So be a fantastic trader who intends a commerce and exchange those strategies.

Constantly be flexible:

The most challenging thing while participating in gambling is that you can not just predict what’s going to occur next in the stock exchange. Thus, as a trader, you ought to have a flexible attitude to the market changes. The bottom rule for any effective trader would be to be more adaptable to almost any circumstance.

Be realistic:

Trading can allow you to reap superior benefits over the years only if you do it correctly for a predetermined period. Know the tips of trading and also be quite keen on each step. Have realistic expectations so you might have a feeling of accomplishment when winning.

Self-control retains the secret:

Money could be emotional for almost all of us, and therefore it may influence us as greed or fear. Being overconfident or rougher on trading may result in over trading and healing digital trading for a game. Keep a calm mind and react to each scenario in the marketplace with a proper strategy.

Examine the Industry daily:

Maintaining a daily log of your commerce after every trading day will be able to assist you in knowing the growth pattern of your transaction as time passes. This will also aid in creating a suitable strategy for commerce.

Be perfect as You exchange:

Many top traders across the globe decide to concentrate on several tried and tested approaches and attempt to execute them flawlessly. They assess themselves how the methods were implemented besides measuring success on arbitrary transactions that may be losers or winners.

Passion, dedication, and persistence

Just people who are enthusiastic about trading could turn into a successful trader. There is little doubt because of this. You ought to have a mindset such as a youngster that has excited about hearing about visiting a playground, about exchanging daily and spend some time on it. One more matter is to be ascertained, don’t take some failures on your heart and possess a powerful will. Learn from your mistakes, and attempt to fix it later on. Always be consistent with becoming a successful trader.

You can’t grasp the art of gambling instantly. On the other hand, the points mentioned above might allow you to develop into a successful trader over some time. Therefore do your home functions and training and get started trading!

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Personal Aspects to the Li Trigram

The fire element has become associated with the direction of south for a variety of reasons; originally Fire was just the polarity of Water in the North/South axis and a way to express the magnetism of the North and South poles.

The South sector, which is a very comfortable anchoring direction for Li trigram people, can be used for sleeping or other relaxing activities, when practical to use. If you are the Li trigram for instance, and the south sector of your house is the kitchen, then you would not be attempting to meditate or sleep in your kitchen. However, you could sit with your back to south in whichever room is practical to do so.

The Li trigram is symbolic of the middle daughter in a family structure or a middle-aged woman in general. Li people are a little more prone to accidents or injury than illness. But the eyes and heart are also vulnerable areas for Li people. Since they can be risk takers or move fast, Li people often agree that they bump into things frequently, moving or driving fast.

All of the eight trigrams repeat perpetually every nine years. Those born in 1946, 1955, 1964, 1973, 1982, 1991, etc. are the Li trigram. The Feng Shui Solar calendar begins on February 4th or 5th, not on January 1st. February 4th/5th represents the mid-point between the December solstice and the March equinox. A person born in January of 1947 would then be considered born in 1946 and a Li person.

This is the feng shui equivalent of a zodiac sign and it can reveal personal best directions for sleeping, entering a house, sitting and working for a long period of time, facing a group to speak or sell something. Since Li people can be risk takers, maybe they can use a good personal direction for which side of the card table be on when gambling.

The Li person’s best direction for attracting wealth is the East, according to the Ba Zhai School of Feng Shui. This does not infer that a Li person should live on the East coast. It just means the direction of east, relative to the center of any given building one may be dwelling in.

A secondary wealth stimulating location for the Li trigram person is Southeast. Using a compass is essential to establish real and accurate directional points. To quote Stephen Skinner, “The lo’ pan (compass) is to feng shui what the telescope is to astronomy… you can’t do one without the other.”

For a Li trigram person, the direction of north is one which harnesses good will, likeability and trustworthiness. This direction can help the Li person be a better communicator with family members as well as with co-workers.

Within the Ba Zhai School, also known as the Eight Mansion School, the Li person is considered easterly, which means they favor the directions of North, South, East and Southeast. The West Group do better in the directions of Southwest, Northwest, West and Northeast. This understanding of how energy (qi) moves, electromagnetism and personal magnetism work together, was developed over centuries and put into practice more than several thousand years ago.

I have listed birth years for what would be considered only the male personal trigram, according to present-day Eight Mansion practitioners. The personal trigram is also referred to as a Ming Gua.

Back in the 8th century during the Tang Dynasty, a new branch of Feng Shui was created to suit the demands of the Chinese Emperor, who wanted to exploit the new version for his own political purposes. A member of his established Astronomy Bureau was assigned the task of altering some fundamental Feng Shui teachings, simplifying some applications, in addition to giving females a different personal trigram than males born in the same year.

Although this is a controversial topic, more and more classical practitioners are reverting back to the original format for determining a personal trigram, where there is no gender distinction. This has to be clarified in everything I write related to the personal trigrams because nearly all books will list separate trigrams for males and females born in the same year. And since more women than men are interested in Feng Shui these days, it is imperative to get case study feedback.

Breaking the Bondage of Addiction

Addictions today have become more common than we dare to accept. Many types of addictions have become socially acceptable, in these morally and spiritually bankrupt times. Good things when misused can turn into addictions.

What is Addiction?

It is dependency on a particular substance or behaviour which is impossible to break without timely intervention. It destroys the person, demoralizes the family and all those associated with him.

Society has a general tendency to consider different kinds of substance abuse as addiction, while ignoring certain behaviour patterns that are equally addictive. Food, shopping, gambling, work, or sex can turn to behaviour addictions and create problems that are just as destructive as substance abuse.

• Workaholics would be shocked if told that work has become their addiction. They believe that frenetic activity is good for mental health and wellbeing. People want to carve out positions of power and honour through their professional accomplishments. What starts as a worthy ambition soon grows into an addiction. Without work they feel enervated and depressed.

• Food becomes an emotional pacifier to satisfy longings, loneliness or low self esteem. People eat when under stress. The act of digesting the food switches off that part of the brain mechanism that makes them tense. The rise of serotonin when food is taken makes them feel good. Those who live alone and are sad or depressed are vulnerable. One woman who was eating all the time said, “I miss my husband, and my stomach does not know the difference between hunger and love.” Frenzy feeding is an addiction. It is a vicious cycle. When a depressed person snacks, his blood sugar rises and he feels good. But insulin shoots up in the blood and after a while, blood sugar falls. So he feels depressed again and reaches for a hot chocolate or a cookie.

• Gambling: Lotteries, playing cards, number games, casino games, betting at the races or even cricket matches and other sporting events can become addictive. Even losing money doesn’t deter them. They believe that luck is just around the corner. The adrenaline rush overshadows the guilt of money lost and debts piling up.

• Shopaholics are compulsive buyers. Whenever they are angry or frustrated, they find release in purchasing a pair of shoes or an expensive dress, irrespective of the money and time wasted. It makes them snap out off their moods.

• Relationships: Some people develop an over dependence on a particular person to make them feel complete or fulfilled. This may lead to stalking, threatening or harming the very person they claim to love.

• Sexual addiction is when the need for sex becomes a compulsive obsession whether marital, extramarital or same sex. 44% of sex addicts are embarrassed by what they do, but can’t help themselves nor will they seek treatment. Fetishes, pornography, rape, frottage (pawing women) flashing, are some of the ways by which they get their orgasm. This addiction is to the neurochemical changes that occur during sex. Sex addiction in women is becoming a major problem.

• Mood altering chemicals like cocaine, heroin, LSD, amphetamines, ketamine, and prescription drugs like cough syrups, sedatives, tranquillizers are habit forming. Even caffeine (one cup of coffee contains 150mgs of caffeine) is addictive. Drugs provide a feeling of well being and a false sense of power and control.

• Alcohol is a threat to modern civilization. With free availability, younger age groups are becoming hooked on alcohol. Alcoholism is said to decrease the life span of a person by twelve years. It is a depressant that affects the central nervous system immediately. No doubt it temporarily reduces tension and brings about relaxation. But in the long run, it destroys a person mentally and physically.

• Smoking is a habit very difficult to kick. It has damaging effects on liver, heart and is implicated in the cause of cancer.

All addictions, whether behavioural or chemical, are destructive. They gradually rob one of will power or self control. With drugs and alcohol, the body becomes tolerant to small amounts. So, larger quantities are needed. Mixing of drugs enhances potency, but also increases dangers. Health deteriorates. There is loss of control and inability to manage one’s affairs. Even routine jobs are difficult to perform. Behaviour becomes erratic.

Causes of Addiction:

1. Friends or family members may introduce the young impressionable teen to a glass of beer or a cigarette. This may be the beginning of a love for these substances. Recently, the case of a brandy guzzling child of five was reported. His parents started giving him brandy every day to ward off asthmatic attacks.

2. Keeping wrong company. Peer pressure can be very persuasive.

3. Disorganized home environment where parents are poor role models. There is no love, warmth or appreciation of a sensitive child. Parents may quarrel frequently or there may be domestic violence.

4. Poor and unsafe neighborhoods where drunkenness, violence and abusive behaviour is a way of life.

5. Lack of direction with no moral standards to live by. Young people can be easily influenced into wrong ways.

6. Glorification of alcohol, drugs and vices through films, TV, advertisements.

7. Easy availability of alcohol and drugs.

How to break the bondage of Addiction:

• By first admitting that one has a problem with either substances or behaviour; that life is fully out of control; that there is loss of dignity.

• By seeking help from trained counselors or psychiatrists. They will help to get to the root of the problem – Injustice? Fear? Worthlessness? Anger? Life is not a bed of roses.

Everybody has problems, but one must learn to deal with them without the aid of substances. It is important to be conscious of one’s vulnerabilities.

• Approach for alcohol and substance abuse is multidisciplinary. It needs admission to a facility dealing exclusively with these problems. Medical measures will involve detoxification and treatment of withdrawal symptoms.

Psychological management will be through:

1. Counseling individually, by which he is psychologically conditioned to stay away from drugs or alcohol. Each member of his family must also cooperate with the addict’s treatment, through love, understanding and compassion.

2. Group therapy will help the addict realize that he is not alone and that there are others in a similar situation. Here there is mutual understanding, acceptance, sharing of individual problems and sympathy.

3. Sociotherapy involves teaching the addict effective methods of adjustment to normal life. He should not be left in a high risk environment. Community reinforcements like recreation clubs, Alcoholics Anonymous, and job availability will be helpful.

Rehabilitation can be a long and hard battle depending on whether the addiction is to a substance or behaviour. It depends on the addict’s desire and determination to be cured, and the support he receives from his loved ones. Relapses may occur. But there must be the will to start all over again. Sometimes it may be a life long struggle especially with drug addicts and alcoholics. Therefore finding support groups is important.

Along with therapy, dependence on God is essential. A daily walk with God will strengthen a person enough to surmount the injustices of life, and dispel lurking fears.

The seeds of addiction are within all human beings. We need to periodically examine ourselves and see if there are things we find difficult to let go, and which have the potential to turn into addictions.

A Review Of CJ Sansom’s Second Novel, Dark Fire

C. J. Sansom’s second novel, featuring hunchback lawyer Matthew Shardlake, “Dark Fire” is set in the latter days of Thomas Cromwell as King Henry VIII’s marriage to Anne of Cleves continues to decline. Cromwell engineered the marriage (the king’s fourth) between Henry and Anne, mainly by over-embellishing the beauty of Anne. Henry was repulsed by Anne’s homeliness and Cromwell was soon out of favor.

To reverse his descent, Cromwell has learned of a substance known as “Greek Fire” or “Dark Fire”, a liquid that can set a ship aflame stem to stern in seconds and schedules a demonstration for the king. Gambling that this could be his path back into favor, he charges Shardlake to retrieve the formula from the men who had given Cromwell an earlier demonstration of the Dark Fire’s power. Matthew is extremely reluctant to become involved in Cromwell’s schemes but the earl has managed to stay the execution by press of one of Shardlake’s clients, a girl accused of her young cousin’s murder.

The girl Elizabeth is the niece of a friend of Matthew’s and he has hired him to defend her even though the evidence against her is overwhelming. Elizabeth has not spoken a word since the alleged murder of her cousin Ralph. Even the threat of a slow agonizing death has not loosened her tongue. She is on her way to the press when Cromwell intervenes.

Matthew is grateful for the two-week reprieve to try to prove the young girl’s innocence, despite her grandmother, surviving cousins and the uncle with whom she was living, viciously assert that she murdered her sweet endearing cousin in cold blood with no more motive than being cruel.

Adding to Shardlake’s discomfort is a street-wise young man Barak who has been charged by Cromwell to assist Matthew’s search for the Greek Fire. They find the men claiming to have the formula brutally murdered. The assassins seem to be one step ahead of Shardlake and Barak at every turn of the mystery and make several attempts on their lives. Who hired the thugs is the big question facing Shardlake and his cohort. One suspect is a wealthy young lady of a family that has fallen out of favor with the king. She catches Matthew’s eye and it seems that she likes him in return, a feeling quite alien to the deformed lawyer.

Their two-week deadline draws closer and they realize that the Greek Fire is a fraud concocted to disgrace Cromwell in front of the king. Shardlake is pulled in all directions as he and Barak search for the conspirators behind the fraud and investigate the murder of Elizabeth’s cousin.

In the final conclusion, the person behind the Greek Fire hoax is revealed to Shardlake and Barak just as they are to be silenced permanently. They barely escape only to find they are too late. Cromwell has been sent to the Tower.

Quickly before Cromwell’s supporters are rounded up as well, Matthew and Barak confront Elizabeth’s ice-cold grandmother with the hideous truth about her grandson’s death and in the process nearly lose their lives again.

This novel is more exciting and contains more action and physical exertion for Shardlake than Sansom’s previous work, the excellent “Dissolution”. In both, Sansom paints a gritty and candid picture of London in the last years of Henry VIII’s reign. His portrayal of Newgate Prison is as graphic as Anya Seton’s in “Devil Water” (reviewed earlier), picturing it as a stinking, reeking Hell-hole that few emerged alive.

Lifestyles and prejudices are laid bare as Barak’s Jewish heritage (although his family converted generations ago) puts him at a greater disadvantage than dark color of the apothecary Guy’s skin. Shardlake believes that his deformity is something that can finally be overlooked by a beautiful lady, but finds out that the lines between classes cannot. One of the best scenes was a vicious but all-too brief exchange of words between Elizabeth’s venom-tongued grandmother and the Lady Honor, the woman who captures Matthew’s heart. The grandmother brutalizes Shardlake when she discovers he has a lady with him even though he is humpbacked. Lady Honor bares her claws, defending Matthew, and proving that she is more than a match for the old hag.

Vanity also knows no bounds as Sansom describes the era’s use of the poisonous nightshade, which in small doses dilates the pupils of young girls’ eyes to enhance their loveliness. This fact is what ultimately helps Shardlake save himself and the life of his friend Barak.

Sansom’s work continues to amaze and entertain. As he develops Shardlake, we find the hunchback lawyer becoming an upright and stalwart hero. There are other sleuths with handicaps: Bruce Alexander’s Sir John Fielding and Caroline Roe’s Isaac of Girona both of whom are blind; but Matthew Shardlake seems to be the most fragile, whose main weakness is his heart. However, he is resilient and tough and stands tall even next to Susanna Gregory’s Matthew Bartholomew.

Boobala Darling Wins A Cruise: Part 5 of 9 (A Fictional Story Staged In Brooklyn)

The Opportunist: Makes His Mark

Uncle Jake was quite taken aback by the unexpected news. He was against his nephew wanting to marry at such a young age. Besides, he was not too pleased with his choice. He felt his handsome nephew deserved something better than this unattractive girl, but she might end up being a devoted wife. He turned to Harry and asked: “Do her parents know you are getting married?”

“No they don’t, Uncle Jake. They dislike me big time, and I don’t know why. They are threatening to send her to an aunt in California to keep us apart. Boobala and I love each other very much and it would break my heart if she left. Since we are of age, we have decided to elope. I am hoping as my Uncle you will give us your approval and help us out financially.”

Uncle Jake couldn’t understand the rush. “Is she pregnant?”

“No, Uncle she’s not pregnant,” he answered.

Jake was still uneasy about the coming marriage. How could he give his approval when he knew that Harry was emotionally immature and irresponsible. Of course, he had to painfully admit he was partly to blame. He was sorry that the kid got a bum deal out of life, with his mom dying when he was so young and a dad who didn’t care. Maybe that’s why he spoiled him so much. He hoped that Harry would become a responsible adult once he married. Jake agreed to get them a furnished room and kitchenette, the rent paid up for a year. He even bought him a suit for the wedding with all the accessories to match.

Harry never seemed to be satisfied with what he got. He always wanted more. In planning the wedding, Boobala had suggested to Harry that they go on a cruise to the Bahamas for their honeymoon. She had always dreamed of going on a cruise. “It’s so romantic,” she would say. Harry angrily snapped at her: “What are you crazy, I get seasick easy. Do you want me to spend our honeymoon throwing up? Besides it would be dull with nothing to watch but watch the sea, so forget about it. I’d rather go to Las Vegas where the action is. It’s more fun.”

As a last shot, to squeeze some more money out of his uncle, he reminded him about the honeymoon. “Hey uncle,” Harry turned on his famous charm, “since I’m your only kin, why don’t you send us to Las Vegas for a week’s honeymoon. I always wanted to go there.” He was looking for a way to escape his wedding night consummation, which he was not bargaining for.

Uncle Jake was annoyed. “What the hell do you think I am, a [email protected]#[email protected]% ATM? Listen dude, the buck stops here. I’ve spent enough already on this wedding. You want to go that bad, then you can work and save your money if you like.” This was the first time that Uncle Jake exploded towards him, and the first time Harry didn’t get his way. He was mad as hell. Already at 19 years of age, Harry had begun to drink and bet heavily. His best friend Billie Boy always had a stash of beer and wine on hand whenever Harry needed it. Uncle Jake didn’t even have a clue that Harry was drinking and gambling. He only knew that he smoked. In his eyes, Harry was always a good kid, a little wild-eyed but good. There was nothing about him that should cause concern.

No: 7 (9-7-2011)

To be continued: Part 6 of 9 of Boobala Darling Wins A Cruise

Surviving Death

In October 2016, I had ballooned (again) to 386 pounds. The decades of abuse I had given to myself all culminated with the revelation that I was at my lowest point in life and needed to make a change or things were going to get ugly.

I made a tough decision to have a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy with a world-renown surgeon, based in Mexico. For two weeks, I engaged in a liquid diet and immediately dropped 20 lbs. I flew to Mexico and had the surgery, which went off without a hitch. I seemed to have zero complications and was smart about my approach towards the process. I did everything my doctors asked and followed the rules strictly.

During my pre-surgery phase, I was told to focus on drinking 100 grams of protein every day. This involved pounding Muscle Milk’s like a champ. Obviously, I drank water and juices, along with chicken broth to get me through the 14 days.

After my surgery, the doctors were happy and told me to work another 2 weeks on the same liquid diet and then I could move up to “soft foods”. Doing exactly, what I had done the previous 2 weeks, I drank my Muscle Milks, had the sugar-free popsicles, enjoyed egg drop soup broth and did this, ad nauseum, for almost a month.

On the last day of my liquid diet, I croaked.

You read this right. I died for over 11 minutes and had it not been for the first responders and staff of ladies at Vitacare in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I wouldn’t have survived. Evidently there are two things your body desperately needs to stay functional – Potassium and Magnesium.

I did exactly what I had done before the surgery and drank my Muscle Milk’s like a good boy. In actuality, I needed to be drinking more Powerade Zeros and Gatorades. When your body goes below a 2.0 reading for Potassium, your heart just quits.

As I went about my morning, I had a slight stomach ache, which was no different than anything I had experienced before. I’m always tired and wasn’t feeling like walking around much that day. My friend went inside Vitacare to get his C-PAP machine cleaned and when he came back out, I was gone.

Freaking out, he rushed back inside and called 911. The ladies had CPR training, so they ran outside and dragged me out of the car. They massaged my heart until the paramedics arrived. Once they got there, my clothes were shredded and they pulled out this thing called “The Plunger”, which was an easier way to administer CPR.

An average-sized person typically receives 4 paddle blasts. Due to my large size, they gave me 7, for some reason. They said that I was showing signs of improvement from each blast, but still hadn’t revived. The 7th was the last jolt I would receive and luckily for me, my heart started beating enough to get me to the hospital.

The next phase of my journey was to St. Francis Hospital, where they put me into this “ice suit” and induced a coma that lasted 2 days. During this 48 hour period, the doctors told anyone that would listen the following:

a) I’m most likely going to die.

b) If I don’t die, I will be a vegetable the rest of my life.

c) I have a less than 1% chance of survival.

d) The chances of stroke or other complications are high.

While this is all going on, my Facebook account flooded with thoughts and prayers, friends drove in up to 6 hours, just to sit in the waiting room for a response. They knew that they wouldn’t be able to see me in the ICU, but they wanted to drive in to pay their respects.

Even today, I am still humbled and dumbfounded by the love I received. We tend to go through life, just being who we are and sometimes oblivious to what we leave in our wake. This death experience showed me that I’m not worthless, that I have made a positive impact on people and that I am appreciated. I’ve lived with the internal false narrative that I’m inconsequential.

According to the paramedics, I was dead for over 11 minutes and experienced seizures due to the lack of oxygen to my brain. This has led to some short-term memory problems that I started experiencing, only recently.

When I left the hospital in December 2016, I couldn’t even walk to the bathroom without help. I’ve had to walk slow and get centered on only what I can do. My energy level is still woefully low and I am unable to work a regular day job. Since I’m known as a chameleon, I’ve had to improvise a bit.

Over the course of the last 13 months, I’ve worked hard on pushing my limitations and can now walk several miles a day. The hardest thing about dealing with this “new” life is that from the neck up, I’m the same guy I’ve always been. I think I can work 60 hours a week, walk multiple miles every single day, eat a big plate of food and do all of the things I used to do before I died.

My new reality, sadly, is that I’ll do exactly what the lower part of my body tells me to do and like it! Naps every 5 hours, the ability to eat a mere fraction of what I once could eat, avoiding foods that create havoc for my stomach – THIS is the new reality.

The hardest part about this new life is rewiring my brain to learn new routines. There is an emotional attachment to every single type of food I eat. A food item from a regular restaurant can trigger a fond memory from over a decade ago. It’s hard to admit that I’ve been a closet emotional eater my entire life.

Some people choose illicit drugs, others choose alcohol or gambling. My vice has always been food. I’m definitely no angel and am far from my target goals, but my new weekly routine consists of doctor visits, bloodwork, earning money delivering through the Postmates mobile app, seeking out help wanted signs for JobSpotter, blogging about social media, attending church regularly and finding ways to feel relevant and productive.

I suffer from Anemia and haven’t had energy for almost 30 years. I’m tired all of the time. As doctors continue to do lab work to figure out exactly what is causing my issues, all I can do is write about my experiences, stay positive and suck the marrow out of every single day.

For some reason, I’m on this planet still. I might not have the right answers, but I strive to make every single day mean something. I’ve taken for granted my place in this world until this situation happened. The way I see it, this is all “bonus time” and I want to make a difference.

When I died, the lights simply when out. Thankfully, when I woke up, there were people to tell me what had happened. There were no pearly gates, white lights, angels or any of that. There were no warning signs that I picked up on. Stomach ache, lights out, death, revival, lights back on.

The current result is that I’ve lost 115 pounds, can walk farther than I ever have before this happened, have no swelling in my feet and am finally hopeful for a future where I’m somewhat productive. Before I chose to have the stomach surgery, I was pessimistic, didn’t think much about my life and figured I would die alone and miserable.

I wrote this to share my experience and convey to you that no matter how (in)significant you feel your life contributions have been, to date, you matter. There are people in your life that care about you. There are people you have positively impacted. You may not know that you’ve made a difference in their life, but they are out there.

Live every day with purpose and surround yourself with people that only want you to thrive. If you’ve got people in your life that constantly shoot down your ideas, tell you “No”, reassert that “you can’t” and make you feel that you should never take a risk, part ways with those people. Life is hard enough without other people always keeping you down. Take chances. There’s no growth without a little bit of pain. You won’t grow, if you just sit on your couch and watch the world pass you by.

Take a road trip to a nearby town. Explore streets you can’t pronounce. Do something “against the grain”. Say “YES” more and see what this life has to offer you. The couch will always be there to sit on. Try something different for a change of pace and stop mentally beating yourself up. You matter!

Mind Over Matter Strategy to Win Lottery

Many writers have written about ways to win lottery. But winning lottery is not something to be fascinated about because lottery is a game of chance, and people should understand this. Luck is the major influencing factor. You can win and you can lose. But winning is a product of mind over matter technique.

Like Attracts Like

Have you read about the Law of Attraction or watched a documentary of it. The mind is a powerful essence, capable of commanding the body to do as it conceives. According to this theory what you envision over and over again is most likely going to happen because the mind tends to attract this event. In other words, the chances you’d get something increase the more you envision yourself getting it. It’s true in lottery as well as any other aspect of life. Essentially, who would not think of winning in lottery. People always hope they would win once they bought a lottery ticket. In fact, it’s all about optimism. You don’t always win. It doesn’t mean that when you have envisioned yourself taking home the huge amount of pot money, you end up winning the next day. You can’t be that lucky. But it’s always better to be optimistic than pessimistic. In fact, you can employ the same attitude while playing roulette in a casino.

Mind Power

Have you experienced of thinking of a disaster and it actually took place? Many people have and it explains how receptive the mind is. It controls our decisions and behavior more than you think it does. How you set your mind affects your attitude and outlook in life. If you’re a negative thinker, you most likely envision bad events to happen-and they actually happen. Positive thinkers, on the other hand, see more good happenings. Consequently, lucky people are those who think they are lucky. Look at the disposition of winners in casinos. Do they look distraught even after a loss? The real winners have a winning attitude and they have a winning mind. So you have got to have a mind of a winner because that’s the mind that wins. A positive mind has more chances of winning at a lottery or casino than a negative mind. You don’t instantly become a winner, and you may not always win, but you always have the edge-whether you are to play roulette or buy a lottery ticket.

Doesn’t it seem too simple?

This method seems plain but not easy because it’s tough to be positive amidst existing negativity around you. If this were that easy then millions of people would’ve won every day because they all want to win. But it’s not enough that you want to win. You have to see yourself winning; you have to feel it in your heart. Now, thinking or envisioning that you will win is so much different from obsessing and buying too many lottery tickets at the same time. You can be positive but don’t ever run short of money because you’ve spent every dime on lottery tickets. Mind over matter simply means that you discipline your thoughts and attitudes. This easier said than done but you can start now.

7 Tips And Tricks That Can Help You Play Fortnite

If you love playing Fortnite on your mobile or PC, know that our tips can make it easier for you to get the most out of this game. In this article, we are going to share some simple tips and tricks. If you follow them, they can make a great difference in your attempt to survive throughout the game. Read on.

Don’t make too much Noise

First of all, make sure you make as little noise as possible. If another player in the surroundings detects you, they may have an advantage over you. In other words, you may want to walk instead of running as running makes too much noise.

Also, it’s better to ensure your surroundings are secure while you are trying to build or scavenge different resources with the help of your magical pickaxe.

Get Headphones

If you want to enjoy an advantage over your fellow players, make sure you opt for a good pair of headphones. In this game, if you know the location of other players, you can beat them. In fact, wearing headphones is of great importance. As soon as you hear a noise, you should watch out.

Be Paranoid

You should be active throughout the game. If you have a weak heart, this game is not for you. So, you may not want to relax as there is always a player near you. They are all set to aim at you with their shotgun. When you hear a noise, don’t do anything except wait.

Keep an Eye on the Circle

You should always notice the circle as it keeps on shrinking to swallow you. So, you may want to make every decision strategically. As soon as the circle starts shrinking, notice the direction.

Actually, your priority should be to reach a safe zone. If you spot another player but can’t defeat them, just move on.

Drink the Shield Potions

As soon as you get a potion, drink it right away. The potion will give you a shield that can protect you throughout the match. However, it won’t protect your life if you fall down. You have the liberty to stack two, which will double your maximum health. As a result, you will have a lot of advantage.

Engage Carefully

In most multiplayer shooter games, your aim is to kill. This is not the case if you are going to play Fortnite. Your aim is to survive, not kill. For instance, even if you kill 50 opponents, you may lose.

What you need to do is survive until the game ends. So, you need to engage only when you are sure of your success.

Loot the Bodies Carefully

If you kill someone, don’t approach the body right away to collect the items. You need to move carefully as other players may be there to kill you. When looting, you are the most vulnerable.

Long story short, make sure you follow these tips when playing Fortnite. By following these tips, you can get the most out of this game.

The Success Story of Beethoven

Beethoven was born on 16th, December, 1770 in Bonn of Germany. His father was a singer in local palace choir. Beethoven’s father was a very common person and he was addicted to gambling. However, his mother was a fairly kind-hearted and gentle female.She married an assistant as her first marriage and married to Beethoven’s father when her ex-husband died.

Beethoven didn’t have access to go to school for the reason that his family was very poor. Nevertheless, he had a special feeling of music when he was very young.His father wanted to make use of his potential to make a big fortune. As a result, Beethoven had to practice playing clavecin and violin day and night under his father’s pressure.

Beethoven had a performance on a stage for the first time when he was only seven years old and he made a huge success.Some famous musicians considered him as the second Mozart. Beethoven learned how to compose music from Nifo and published his first work named Concerto in A minor when he was 11. He went to Vienna to learn how to compose music from Mozart and Haydn.

It seems that he would have a fairly bright future when Beethoven received the first success in 1800. Nevertheless, he was troubled with a terrible matter for years at that time.He found that he has became a deaf person. There couldn’t be anything more terrible than that for a musician. He sank into a blue mood for a long time as a consequence.

Beethoven has an enthusiastic heart all the time.But his enthusiasm was often unfortunate. He often tolerated both hope and enthusiasm,disappointment and resistance. There was no doubt that all of these emotions had become his unique source of creation. He fell in love with Julia in 1801 and composed a music named Moonlight for her specifically. To his disappointed, she couldn’t understand his noble soul and refused him. Beethoven was upset and despairing for that and married a comte before long. It was the most hopeless moment for him and once a time, he wrote down a paper of posthumous papers.

He came to life in 1803 and composed some bright and warm music such as The Second Symphonies. From then on, several more beautiful and marvelous music were produced. Some of them are fairly famous and I think you must have heard about them such as The Eroica and The Storm.

Beethoven finished his masterpiece named The Ninth Symphonies in 1823. This piece of work expressed his world in his dream.

He suffered from pulmonary edema in Dec.1826, which was resulted from a bad influenza.He passed away on 26th, March, 1827 for the reason of suffering from hepatopathy.

It is said that the day on which Beethoven died was raining heavily and storming seriously. It seems that even the God grieved over his death.

Beethoven’s funeral was fairly solemn and grand.It is estimated that over 20 thousand people presented his funeral.

Beethoven’s wealth and success in music was huge and great. There are few people who can surpass his competence in music creation. He is a great musician for us and we shall miss him forever and appreciate his works.

Poker – It’s Not Just a Gentleman’s Game Anymore

Poker. Long thought to be a quiet gentleman’s game, it has changed significantly over the past decades. Whether it’s a formal, professional, casino game, or your home-based friends only game, poker is as much a social experience as it is a way of exchanging money amongst gamblers.

When a bunch of guys get together to play Poker, the competition extends beyond the playing table. Besides trying to beat each other out of money, the players often engage in a battle of wits, which manifests itself in a series of put-downs and one-ups-manship efforts. Guys spend as much time razzing each other as they do in trying to produce the best Poker hand. The point being, if a guy can knock you down a few pegs during the game, he feels like he’s won a little even if he doesn’t collect any pots.

In addition, if your opponent can be thrown off by a few off-handed quips, he sometimes tries to get back at you by trying to beat you with a hand that he probably shouldn’t have tried to play. It’s a great science of give and take, with which most women don’t get involved. Not that they can’t; it’s just that women tend to be more direct. Men like to use the backdoor to attack you at the poker table. They like to crawl into your brain and make you feel like you are not a real man. Guys will taunt you while you are trying to decide to whether or not to call the raise. And any guy will tell you that it’s all in fun. But it’s really a sinister thing that guys do to one another in order to gain the upper hand.

Most women tend to act more seriously at the Poker table. There are still good times being had during the game; but women normally don’t throw barbs at their opponents just for the sake of their reaction. Guys do. The better a guy knows his opponent, the more personal the jibes become. It’s wonderful fodder for an in-depth sociological study. But don’t hold your breath waiting for this study to become a reality. The results could really change the way Poker is played; and what fun would that be?

Let’s face it. Fun is what Poker is really all about. After all, it is called a Poker “game,” isn’t it?